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Queer market socialist here. Will occasionally add blogs when I can regarding my ever evolving thoughts on political economy, and maybe some social issues too. Enjoy!

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Kink at Pride

Every year, certain platforms like Twitter have a conniption over kinky gear/clothing at pride, although it seems to have come early this year with pride month a few days away. I won’t delve into each tweet as there have been many from earlier this week; just search kink and pride for a host of fantasticContinue reading “Kink at Pride”


With marijuana laws changing at a breakneck pace in the US at the state level, whether it be full recreational use (indeed as I write this, New Mexico just legalized it) or at the very least decriminalization, it’s a good time to revisit our national drug policy. Drugs are not an easy thing to dealContinue reading “Drugs”

Give parents a choice, but also destroy gender roles

In response to critiques against child allowances, mostly due to the newly expanded child tax credit under Biden, Elizabeth Bruenig wrote a piece about allowances, specifically around notions from the critics that it supposedly both reduces employment and reinforces the traditional gender role of stay-at-home mothers. While there are controversies around the particular people sheContinue reading “Give parents a choice, but also destroy gender roles”

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