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Queer market socialist here. Will occasionally add blogs when I can regarding my ever evolving thoughts on political economy, and maybe some social issues too. Enjoy!

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The House is too little

The House of Representatives that is. Not too long ago I discussed the Senate in what was a rather radical take on getting rid of it. However, something not as controversial is the size of the House. We currently have 435 seats which is unusually small compared to peer nations and has been unchanged forContinue reading “The House is too little”


The Republican Party of North Dakota updated its platform recently for 2020. Take a gander at their opposition to “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bills” (or SOGI as they abbreviate it) on pages 20 and 21: WHEREAS: Proponents of SOGI bills ask us to abandon basic biological principle in accepting that sexual orientation isContinue reading “Nauseating”

Two quick thoughts

A Record 5.4 Million Americans Have Lost Health Insurance, Study Finds As expected unfortunately. Once again a slam dunk against employer-sponsored health insurance. We simply cannot continue this unsustainable model in the middle of a pandemic without significant reform. Even if we keep a loose attachment to employers such as in the Swiss or GermanContinue reading “Two quick thoughts”

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